Our philosophy

We like challenges

We enjoy taking on complex problems, and breaking them down to their essence. We put ourselves into users' shoes, so people can be people, and technology can be human.

We are always learning

We’ve worked across domains: education, governance, publishing, parenting, fintech, ecommerce and more, and bring a breadth of experience to the table.

We are process oriented

We believe that any outcome is only as good as the process that gets you there. A systematic approach allows us to tackle the toughest design challenges and create meaningful solutions.

We are data-driven

As Mark Twain rightly put it, "Supposing is good. Finding out is better". We connect the dots between data and human experience to make insightful design choices.

Our team

Our work

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We’re at Nilenso Software LLP
 #105, 10th Cross, Indiranagar Stage 1, Bangalore, India, 560038